IMA students in Greece created amazing Special Effects Makeup

In Greece the  students from the London Makeup Institute (LMI), our IMA certified center in Greece, showed impeccable techniques while executing special effects and theatrical makeup. Considering there is a huge market of film, theater and TV,  the IMA team created a curriculum that takes into consideration the increasing need of artist with special effects expertise.

When it comes to this type of makeup, products are no longer used to makeup someone prettier, they are meant to create  character. In most cases, there is a lot of investigation involved when performing this type of looks, specially when it comes to bringing to life period looks or historic characters. Did you know there is actually an Oscar Award dedicated to makeup?

There is more about makeup than just beauty. So if you are in Greece and you dream to participate in TV and film projects, as a professional makeup artist visit the LMI in Thessaloniki.