Glamming it up in the International School of Hair & Makeup

The International School of Hair and Makeup (ISHM), our IMA accredited school in Leicester, offers students full time and part time courses featuring the latest makeup and hair-styling techniques. One of their incredible courses is the 2 Weeks IMA Foundation, European and Asian Bridal Course, which provides students the knowledge necessary to start their careers as Bridal and Special Events Makeup Artists. This course includes two intensive days of professional “day and evening make-up” training, followed by a day focused on European bridal and two days focused on Asian bridal make-up techniques.

Asian Bride makeup techniques have become widely popular in the last decade. In some cases, this look (nowadays, better known as “glam makeup”) has turned into an “every day look” for some makeup lovers, all over the world. Its popularity and use are amazing, considering the amount of effort one must put on to achieve this high intensity look, which includes both bold lip and bold eye combinations, with loads of shimmer, liners and contour.

In some cases, its creation can take up to two hours, depending on the amount of detail. Thus, there are many variations on the techniques to be used: cut-crease or even double cut crease, eye-liner or even double eye-liner (just to name a few) … Above all, patience and pulse are two of the main ingredients for this type of look.

We do encourage our students all over the world to get on and learn these techniques, considering they are great to develop skills necessary to become a successful artist. If you are in Leicester and wish to find out more of this particular makeup you can definitely enroll with ISHM or if anywhere else in the world visit our IMA centers websites, to find out which location and course suits you better.

To look for more inspiration pictures of Asian Bride looks, you can visit ISHM’s Instagram profile.