IMA-students getting creative in Greece

In 2016 the London Makeup Institute (LMI) joined the International Makeup Association (IMA), since then hundreds of aspiring professional makeup artist in Greece have graduated with the best international standards in the makeup industry. In the last few weeks it has come to our attention (with great excitement) the high quality of the creative work performed by some of the Advanced Level Students in the LMI.

Is important for you to know, that our IMA Foundation Courses are designed to teach the best techniques of hygiene, product application, makeup kit build-up and maintenance, client preparation and service. While, our IMA Advanced Courses aim to instill and develop in our artists creative skills that allow them to differentiate within the industry. In our years of experience, we have noticed that most talented students learn makeup application techniques almost automatically. However, the real challenge comes when it is their time to awake a creative curiosity, which will enable the young artists to create their own personal style.

We do believe this curiosity is essential when succeeding as an artist in the makeup industry. The LMI IMA-students are showing amazing results after a few weeks of training. This is shown in the quality of the photographic work we share with you today. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we did!

The pictures where selected form the LMI Instagram Profile.