Prepare for your IMA Certification online

DNI School in Spain now offers IMA certification courses online. DNI School is the only make-up school in the world; offering accredited IMA qualifications for distance learning. Now, no matter where you live, you can reach the official IMA course materials in Spanish and attend your courses online.

While you don’t have to attend classes physically, taking the exams in person is mandatory to obtain your certificate. After preparing online, you can take the theoretical and practical exams at DNI School Malaga or Madrid, tutored by a DNI School instructor. Following internal tests, you will receive the official IMA exam, in which you will be evaluated via independent external examiner accredited by IMA from our headquarters in London. The official exam will be carried out by the IMA entity in a single day, at DNI School Madrid or Malaga.

For further information and starting dates, check out DNI School’s web page.

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