Painted by Cocoa and her #PrettynScarred Campaing

Olamide Fetuga, also known as PaintedbyCocoa, is a professional makeup artist based in London (UK), she earned her IMA qualification at The London School of Makeup. Olamide found her passion for makeup after suffering second degree burns to her face, due to the severity of the wounds she turned into makeup to feel confident again. This incident gave her the leeway to paint her own interpretation of beauty. Nowadays, she is becoming an advocate for all who wish to chase their dreams.


PaintedbyCocoa is the founder of the #PrettynScarred campaign (the episodes are available in Olamide’s Youtube Channel), which is a movement aiming to inspire, uplift and give women the courage to break through their mental barriers and persist in achieving anything their hearts desire. This campaign focuses on building self-confidence, self-love and self-empowerment, by pushing the individuals one step closer to finding and accepting their purpose in life.