To gain an IMA qualification, students must firstly show that they are competent in all the practical skills within a make-up studio at basic level by completing various ranges and variations which meet IMA standards and to the satisfaction of the lecturer in charge. These ranges and variations cover different skin tones, skin conditions, contexts such as day, evening and bridal looks. Techniques such as colour corrections, concealing, bronzing, highlighting and shading. They also have to show competence in applying false lashes both strip and individual.

Each variation must be evidenced on a consultation sheet and signed off by the lecturer and in some cases a before and after photograph should be taken.

At the end of the course there will be a final exam as set out in the red student hand book and will be examined independently by an external IMA examiner. Students will also be required to sit a multiple choice theory paper.

All students will be expected to produce, outside of the school and in their own time, theoretical course work which will be handed in after the course completion alongside their practical evidence. This should be placed in a portfolio which will be checked by the lecturer and finally presented and marked off by the External Examiner when visiting.




qualification1 qualification2

Make-up Application Certificate
Bridal, Day, Evening make-up

There are six components to the qualification:

  • Attendance
  • Evidence of Practical Skills
  • Theory Paper
  • Coursework
  • Evaluation
  • External Examinations

Each student will need to pass two External Examinations in order to obtain this qualification. There will be a separate ‘brief’ for each External Examination:

● Day Make-up
● Evening Make-up

Fashion / Photographic / Media Make-up Diploma
Catwalk, Fashion, Black & White Photography, Male Grooming, Period Styles, Special Effects

There are four components to the qualification:

● Attendance
● Evidence of Practical Skills
– Face Sheets / Hair Sheets
– Variations
– Photographs
● Portfolio
● Coursework

Dressing Hair Diploma