Vintage Makeup inspiring our IMA students in Dubai

The Resumé of our Fashion Photographic and Media IMA Diploma, encourages our students to learn and practice the latest makeup techniques, while informing themselves about the history of the make-up industry. As part of a growing industry, make-up artists are not only responsible for knowing the latest trends, they must also be spokespersons for the relevance of their work and its evolution throughout history.

Last week, in Dubai at The London College of Make-up, one of the IMA accredited schools, their 8-week (full-time) students learned how to recreate vintage looks, inspired by the 1920, 1950 and 1960. These classes not only help students practice various makeup application techniques, but also motivate an interest in the history of fashion, art and makeup, an essential feature in a professional makeup artist.

The images of this article (owned by The London College of Make-up) are modern versions of a 1920s look, composed by dark lips, dark smoky eyes and thin eyebrows. A 1950s makeup portraying red lips and winged eyeliner (the iconic look of Marilyn Monroe). Finally, a gorgeous 60ies makeup with astonishing eyelashes (inspired by Twiggy) and an intense definition on the crease.



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Estefania Sanchez Bardellini

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